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We are very proud of what our customers have to say about us. Your pets are no doubt incredibly important to you and are one of the family. That’s why we take such fantastic care of the pets we look after and we want you to hear what others have to say about us.


“Karen added Jessie to her brood of happy dogs in November 2004 when Jessie was just coming up to four months old. At first Jessie needed some let outs as she was awaiting her last injection and Karen was a blessing, she came to the house 3 times during the day to let Jessie out and give her some company. Then Jessie started on her 2 walks a day and it has been the same routine now for almost three years. For the first year or so Jessie was a very exuberant and lively puppy who often misbehaved and had a tendency to evade capture when on her walks but Karen was not fazed by this at all and she helped in turning Jessie into the well trained and beautiful dog that she is today.

Jessie means the world to us and it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that Karen is there each day to take Jessie on her walks and keep her entertained. We trust Karen implicitly and know that she will always care for Jessie as though she is er own dog and that is so important to us. I work in London and I hate being away from Jessie all day long but at least I have the comfort of knowing she is with someone who loves her and will care for her as I do and as well as that I know that she is having lots of fun.

The most important thing of all of course, is that Jessie absolutely adores Karen; she really is a second Mum to Jess. I have been in the house once or twice when Jessie has been collected and she has happily bounded out the front door to enjoy a morning’s walk with all of her friends. We count ourselves extremely lucky to have Karen in our lives; I really don’t know what we would do without her. Jessie is the luckiest of all.”

Kate, mum of Jessie (the happiest, most bonkers little dog you ever will meet!)


“From the grateful parents of two Westies, Bill and Ted. We have known Karen since 2002, she is totally committed to the care of our beloved dogs. We both work and since a lob change are unable to get home at lunch times. Karen not only takes them for long walks every day, if we are held up for any reason, a quick call is all it takes fro her to go around and let them out.

Ted the youngest was diagnosed with arthritis at 5 months. With the problem Karen has devised an exercise program, which has proved to be successful in helping him build up his leg muscles to the point that surgery is no longer required. We would not hesitate in recommending the services of Hooves Paws and More.

Gill, mum to Ted and Bill (Westies)


“Well…where do I start!?!? I wanted to say a big big thank you for looking after Milly so well over the last 3 years. We feel so lucky to have met you and had the opportunity for Milly to be walked and cared by you. You are obviously brilliant at what you do and always have the needs of the dogs/animal at heart. You hove always been very flexible and always there when we needed you — even at the last minute. It has always given me great comfort knowing that Milly was so well looked after as she is such a special and important part of our lives.

You have been instrumental in helping Milly become the well balanced, easy going dog that she is and well always be grateful for that. I hope that Hooves Paws 8 More continues to be a success and think you’ve got it just right and offer an excellent service.

Helen, mum to Milly (black lab)